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About us

EEZE is a trusted transactional platform for peer-to-peer auto sales

We help protect private auto sales from fraud by verifying people and vehicles, and securing money transfers.

Our Platform

EEZE has set out to ensure worry-free peer-to-peer transactions

EEZE is designed to complement traditional online vehicle marketplaces, enhancing the private-party shopping experience. Our platform offers advanced safety features, including the ability for buyers and sellers to upload driver’s license scans, and do a biometric selfie verification.

While we confirm both parties’ identities, (cross-referenced from multiple sources), the system also validates the seller’s legal ownership of the vehicle and can check for liens.

Worry free peer-to-peer transactions
EEZE listing
Our why

A solution born out of a bad experience

EEZE was born out of a nerve-racking personal experience that one of the co-founders had while trying to sell a second-hand car privately. After encountering multiple fraudulent buyers on online. The co-founder finally met a legitimate buyer, and when they decided to proceed with the transaction at a nearby coffee shop, things took a tense turn.  The transaction hit a snag when the buyer’s e-transfer took an excruciating 45 minutes to come through. Wanting to ensure the funds were secure before handing over the keys, tensions rose again when the buyer mistakenly recalled the e-transfer, sparking a wave of mistrust and uncertainty on both sides.

This ordeal ignited a spark of innovation. The co-founder realized the urgent need for a secure, scam-proof, and efficient platform to facilitate transactions, eliminating the hassles of dealing with scammers and uncertainties of delayed payments. EEZE was envisioned as a solution to provide a seamless, trustworthy, and secure environment for transactions, ensuring both buyers and sellers could engage without fear of fraud, delays, or uncertainties, thus revolutionizing the landscape of online transactions.

Our Founders

Meet the people than want to make your transactions secure

Tave Della Porta at EEZE

Tave Della Porta – CEO

Vision, Market & Acquisition

Entrepreneur & Auto-tech executive, experienced in product, strategy and partnership building.


Derek Lloyd at EEZE

Derek Lloyd – CTO

Technology, Financials & Operations

Operations Leader & accomplished Technologist, experience in online lending and commodity trading. 


We are on a mission to de-risk private-party transactions, by providing dealer-like services, which include warranty and financing options.

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