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Frequently Asked Questions

A couple of valid questions we wanted to answer for you

Frequently asked questions

Some important facts

Is EEZE a marketplace?

No. EEZE is designed to complement traditional online marketplaces. We go beyond the traditional digital hand-shake to provide a safe & reliable platform to transact your pre-loved vehicles.

Can I buy a warranty even if I am not selling my car?

Yes. Even if you have already bought a car without EEZE, or have your own car for many years, and you want to get a warranty with EEZE, you can do so without even having to leave your driveway. Get a  Warranty

How can I use EEZE to boost my marketplace vehicle listing?

Utilizing EEZE to verify your identity and authenticate your vehicle’s ownership, all while offering a digital condition report for your car being sold, builds trust among potential buyers. Furthermore, EEZE allows you to promote your vehicle with a 90-day warranty and provide financing and extended warranty options to interested buyers, further enticing them.

How do I include a link in my marketplace listing to offer an explanation about EEZE?

Certain marketplaces have rules against including links in descriptions, often concealing them. No need to fret; we provide a sales toolkit to elevate your marketplace listing language. This toolkit includes messaging prompts and an EEZE details photo you can seamlessly incorporate into your listing. (Link to video how to)

What makes EEZE a trustworthy choice for transactions, and how secure is its functionality?

The EEZE Wallet, through its direct banking integration, guarantees secure and swift fund transfers, eliminating the uncertainties linked to cash or cashier’s checks. Enjoy the protection of escrow-like safeguards without the need for a third-party intermediary.

What’s the difference between a comprehensive and powertrain warranty?

Powertrain warranties focus on major power components (engine, transmission, and drivetrain components), while comprehensive warranties offer broader coverage across various car systems and parts (electronics, heating and cooling systems, suspension)

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