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How to Sell your car in Ontario with EEZE

Published on January 9, 2024
How to sell a car in Ontario

After listing on popular free sites like, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Kijiji, a car seller will be flooded with waves of curious parties. A seller will immediately weed out fraudsters and windowshoppers by using the EEZE authentication system. The potential buyer can also avoid fraudsters and curbsiders by demanding to transact with EEZE.

After both parties go through the simple EEZE platform to complete the sale, obtain extended warranties and securely transfer funds, there are important official steps required to make the private sale official.

Vehicle Permit

vehicle permit

The seller KEEPS the right side of the document PERMIT PLATE PORTION along with the removed license plate.

permit plate portion and license plate

On the back of the ownership PERMIT VEHICLE PORTION, there’s an application for the transfer section. The seller must complete and sign this section and give it to the buyer.

Permit lef and rear section

The buyer will need it to complete their registration of the vehicle within six days of the sale. Until the buyer registers the vehicle at a ServiceOntario location, the vehicle will remain registered with the seller.

Safety Standards Certificate

Safety Certificate

A seller needs to obtain a Safety Standards Certificate that proves the vehicle is road worthy. This is required for the buyer to put license plates on the vehicle.  This can be performed by any licensed mechanic or inspection station across Ontario and is valid for 36 days.

Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP)


The seller of a used vehicle is legally required to purchase a UVIP and provide it to the buyer when the vehicle is sold. A UVIP includes a range of information on the vehicle, including its registration history, lien information, and more.

A seller can purchase a UVIP online or at a ServiceOntario location.  It could take up to 10 days to receive this in the mail.

Bill of Sale

There is a template bill of sale in the UVIP but you can also use the electronic document provided by EEZE that includes the following standard details: VIN, vehicle Information, counterparties information, Sale Price



It’s not required but many buyers will expect a CARFAX report which has a wealth of information about the vehicle plus accident history, maintenance records, recall information and more.  This can be purchased through EEZE by either the seller or buyer, before or after the transaction is completed.

The seller should remember to cancel their car insurance. The buyer is eligible for special discounted rates that have been sent to them through EEZE. The buyer will need to bring proof of insurance as well as documents listed above to a Service Ontario center to complete the registration transfer.

Normally seller and buyer meet at the buyer’s home or at a Service Ontario location to exchange the vehicle.

See the official checklist of requirements from the Ontario government.

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